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2007 - FOR MORE GREAT DOCUMENTARIES GO TO POPPERSLIST.BLOGSPOT.COM Hitler's Henchmen Their names belong in a rogue's gallery of the most brutal, venal and soulless killers of any century. They were the lackeys of Adolf Hitler, his inner circle of co-conspirators who shaped the Nazi dictatorship, enforced its power and carried out the Holocaust. Hitler's Henchmen Series 1 tells the story of the six very different men who formed the inner circle of the Nazi regime Goebbels, Goring, Himmler, Hess, Speer and Donitz. The program not only examines the actions of these infamous men, but probes their psychological makeup, determining how they earned Hitler's trust, became blindly loyal to the cause, committed deadly atrocities and remained unrepentant to the end. Made in association with Germany's leading TV producer, Hitler's Henchmen features never-before seen footage from both government and private sources, rare photographs, documents and eyewitness testimony that proves conclusively that these men were not just following orders, but willing accomplices in Hitler's crimes. Among those interviewed are members of Hitler's staff, retired German army officers, and world-renowned historians. It's the definitive dossier of some of the most reviled men in history.

Series 1 1. The Propagandist - Joseph Goebbels 2. The Marshall - Hermann Goering 3. The Deputy - Rudolf Hess 4. The Executioner - Heinrich Himmler 5. The Admiral - Karl Doenitz 6. The Architect - Albert Speer

Series 2 1. Bureaucrat of Murder - Adolf Eichmann 2. The Secretary - Martin Bormann 3. The Corruptor of Youth - Baldur von Schirach 4. Diplomat of Evil - Joachim von Ribbentrop 5. Doctor of Death - Josef Mengele 6. Arbitrator over Death and Life - Roland Freisler



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