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En Français:

Mccain lié avec des terroristes
La face cachée de john mccain
Populisme et ploutocratie:obama au wall street journal
Obama pour l'une extension de la guerre en afghanistan
Usa: le poids du lobby pro-israélien dans les élections
Elections truquées aux usa/"vote theft", greg palast
Ralph nader candidat en 2008, par joëlle pénochet
Nader, les "démocrates" et les pacifistes (iii/iii + vidéo)

In English:

Maccain: war hero or war criminal? By robert richter
Remember, remember the Fourth of November

Republicans and Democrats set up the Iraq War
Noam chomsky: why isn't iraq in the 2008 election?
Obama, israel and aipac by uri avnery (lien vers trad fr)

Nader deserves a pulpit to speak the truth by chris hedges
Two-party system in the united state
2008 presidential charade: more criminality and wars
The democrats and iran

Obama: worse than mccain? By mike whitney

Ralph nader vs. Mccain-palin/obama-biden

Mccain:"another terrorist attack would be a big advantage'

Nader: "obama is a corporate candidate from a to z"  

Usa: how barack obama learned to love israel

Obama: worse than mccain? By mike whitney
Obama on foreign policy: “i will not hesitate to use force”

Why i'm not voting for obama by tod chretien

The substance of obama's liberalism, by john pilger

The two faces of barack obama, by bill van auken
John bolton: israel ‘will attack iran’ just after the election

Obama's nuclear ambition by jeffrey st clair and j. Frank
Elections truquées aux usa/"vote theft", greg palast
Cheney, obama embrace family ties, reveales cheney's wife
Nader: be prepared to be very disappointed with obama
Nader: obama,clinton and cluster bombs ban bill (+videos)
Nader on palestine, obama's flip flop, nuclear energy...
Obama, mccain, and nader (video)
Barack obama and hillary clinton as seen by ralph nader
Ralph nader on israel/palestine, obama, mccain
Barack obama on iraq (video, 3')
Curb your enthousiam on obama, by robert scheer
Ralph nader on israel-palestine, barack obama, j. Mccain
Ralph nader says to obama: "explain why..." (video)
Obama afghanistan (video)
Ralph nader:obama headed into the mother of all quagmires!
Obama will become a war criminal! Ralph nader (video)
The democrats endorse the "global war on terrorism":
Democrats signal capitulation on iraq–and iran (j.Raimondo) 

Usa 2008: dem and rep will party hard on soft money
Mccain:"another terrorist attack would be a big advantage'
The opium of the masses by max kantar (about republicrats)
John bolton: israel ‘will attack iran’ just after the election
Amy goodman: "open the debates !!!"
Clinton would ‘obliterate’ iran
The song remains the same by ralph nader
Clinton: in her mind she's killed before (ralph nader)
Hillary responsibility in iraq war (2008 election)

Iran-the words no us candidate dare say: nuclear war
Anti-war right boosts ron paul to top gop q4 fundrais

Elections truquées aux usa/"vote theft", greg palast
Nader: close election will be decided by political parties

Usa 2008 elections: the invisible man
Ralph nader on the candidates, corporate power...

Présidentielle us: ron paul, le candidat anti-guerre 
Iran : hillary clinton votes for war - again !

The making of hillary clinton - alex cockburn - j. St clair

Bill clinton as ambassador to the world?

The vices of hillary clinton - alex cockburn/j.St clair

Hillary clinton votes like a hawk
Weapons industry dumps republicans, backs hillary

Hillary clinton rakes in cash from the us weapons industry

Clinton would ‘obliterate’ iran
The democrats and iran

Hillary, william clinton : same hawks
Clinton say's she'll nuke iran on keith olbermann

Democracy for the few by michael parenti, 2007

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