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"In the cozy den of the large but modest house in Omaha where he has lived since he started on his first billion, Warren Buffett watched the horrors of Hurricane Katrina unfold on television in early September 2005. . . . On the fourth day, he beheld in disbelief the paralysis of local, state, and federal authorities unable to commence basic operations of rescue and sustenance, not just in New Orleans, but in towns and villages all along the Gulf Coast. . . He knew exactly what he had to do. . ."

So begins the vivid fictional account by political activist and bestselling author Ralph Nader that answers the question, "What if?" What if a cadre of superrich individuals tried to become a driving force in America to organize and institutionalize the interests of the citizens of this troubled nation? What if some of America's most powerful individuals decided it was time to fix our government and return the power to the people? What if they focused their power on unionizing Wal-Mart? What if a national political party were formed with the sole purpose of advancing clean elections? What if these seventeen superrich individuals decided to galvanize a movement for alternative forms of energy that will effectively clean up the environment? What if together they took on corporate goliaths and Congress to provide the necessities of life and advance the solutions so long left on the shelf by an avaricious oligarchy? What could happen?

This extraordinary story, written by the author who knows the most about citizen action, returns us to the literature of American social movements—to Edward Bellamy, to Upton Sinclair, to John Steinbeck, to Stephen Crane—reminding us in the process that changing the body politic of America starts with imagination.

To commemorate the publication of "Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!", Seven Stories Press and Ralph Nader are proud to release the Ralph Nader Reader (Seven Stories Press, 2000) as a PDF download.

Get your free copy by clicking here.

See Ralph Nader's interview with Neil Cavuto of FOX Business here.


or http://www.onlythesuperrich.org/release.php

Book Talk with Ralph Nader  By William Hughes. He’s an activist, political gadfly and author. His name is Ralph Nader and he has a new book out. This time it’s a nonfiction one and its subject, naturally, is political. The title is: “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” On September 26, 2009, at the Baltimore City’s Book Festival, Nader discussed some of the reasons that caused him to write his tome. He spoke for over an hour and half before a standing room only audience. Nader’s speech was sponsored by Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse. http://bellaciao.org/en/spip.php?article19233

Longtime consumer advocate, corporate critic, author and presidential candidate Ralph Nader discusses Congresss failure to pass any meaningful financial reform on Wall Street over the past year and critiques Obamas healthcare reform proposal. Ralph Nader also talks about his first work of fiction, Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! Nader describes the book in terms of a practical utopia, a fictional vision that could become a new reality.


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