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Best Kept Secrets to Take Your Running Routine to the Next Level


Best Kept Secrets to Take Your Running Routine to the Next Level


Would you like to up your current running game? Well, make sure you tie up your shoelaces and take things to the next level.

If you wish to speed up and conquer those plateaus, here are some ways to soar to greater heights or in this case, run more miles.

Learn to Run Slow Every Now and Then

Now, don’t think that you always need to run far and fast. Before you go for faster runs, you should try to maintain a slow pace during your training runs. See to it that the easy runs you have are done on a much slower pace compared to your real speed goals. This way, it would be more possible for you to establish a healthier base so you can gear up for faster runs once you decide to kick it up a notch higher.

Give Plyometrics a Try

Movements that involve quick stops and starts and dynamic power will help prepare your mind and body for mechanics involved in speed.  Plyo box jumps, squat jumps, jumping rope and other similar moves will train those fast twitch muscles so you can trigger them every time you will need them to stay ahead and sprint ahead.

Listen to Music

Tunes with faster tempo can keep you motivated so you can stay on track once your energy starts dwindling down. For safety purposes, do this only if you are training on tracks or other safe areas for running where no traffic is present. A rhythm of 180 steps per minute is a great start for most runners. Listen to music with beats per minute to match your steps and you will be good to go.

Embrace the Concept of Speed Play

It doesn’t matter if you are committing to fartlek or speed play approach or you are running with preset interval plan, running intervals can help you learn how to decelerate and accelerate during racing.

Opt for Cross Training Interval Workouts

Interval workouts will help you achieve your fitness goals while training your heart as well as other muscles so you can be up and running when necessary. Cross training will also help you stay safe from repetitive use injuries that often happen when you follow the approach of running all the time. To be more specific, cycling lets you focus on fast turnover and cadence in the legs. It helps improve your pace once you start hitting the ground.

Go on Tempo Runs

Once you have finished your warm-up mile, you can run steady and hard for 20 minutes at a comfortable pace. It creates a sweet tempo or spot that is fast without necessarily racing. Run a slow mile to help you cool down.

Pay Attention to Your Core and Other Body Parts

If you have not been doing it yet, it is time to incorporate strength work to your runs. Core movements such as lunges, planks, push-ups and others can help improve posture that can lead to improved breathing and better body mechanics. Stronger upper body prevents your arms from getting tired when you most need a strong swing.

Improve your runs with these secrets and run more miles in no time!

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