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Farmers in the United States say they are growing increasingly concerned about a mysterious shortage of honeybees. The U.S. government says it is investigating a dramatic decline in the bee population over recent months, and Congress has held a hearing on the issue.


Bees Disappearing - World May Suffer


The Disappearing Honey Bees: Beekeepers on What's Happening
Colony Collapse Disorder is causing honey bees around the world to die without explanation. Backyard beekeepers and experts describe the relationship between humans and bees, how CCD is impacting colonies, and how everyone can help their recovery.


Honey Bees are coming up missing, not only here in the US but all over the world! See how this could really be bad news for all of us if an answer isn't found!


bees have been dying in over 22 states in US and now Germany is seeing there Bee population dying. Germany suspects GM crops as possible culprit.


The food chain is being hit hard by Radiation from wireless communication. This time its Bees that polinate the farm crops - They are suddenly dying. Will the public demand change in time to rebuild this vital resource and inturn prevent even more impacts to the entire food chain?


Based on a Reuters article Britains honeybees are going extinct due to pesticides. But they aren't totally sure whats going on just they are losing honeybees in huge amounts


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